Budget Friendly Self Care Ideas

We’ve been hearing more and more about the practice and value of self-care in recent years. Psychologists, motivational speakers, and businesses have all urged people to take a break from the daily stress and focus on their mental and physical well-being. However, some of the most prevalent self-care techniques that we are urged to engage in are sometimes prohibitively expensive – think extravagant spa days, peaceful massages, and salon pampering. These activities are fun for a “treat yourself” day, but there are plenty of other ways to practice self-care on a budget.

Since we are still in a pandemic, we are trying to find ways to save on majority of things that we do on a budget. Likewise, Self-care does not always have to include spending a lot of money. These are some of the most cost-effective ways to practice self-care.

Go For A Walk

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Although walks can be a low impact exercise, it is also free. It can also help with your mental wellness. Any type of activity, including a brisk walk, can help you feel less anxious by increasing endorphin levels. Try disconnecting from your phone and reconnecting with nature!

Journal Writing

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Journaling is a great way to let out any frustration and anxiety you may have experienced throughout the day. Consider writing down happy memories or significant events so you can dwell on them later when you need a boost of motivation. You can also set down your objectives and a strategy for achieving them to stay on track and focused.

Reading A Book For Fun

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Being in the Millennials generation our go-to is to pick up our cellphones or whatever electronic device we have when we are bored or have free time. So reading a book for fun is an awesome way for us to disconnect from the social media world. Instead of wasting hours on social media or playing video games, which weakens the brain cells, we can instead read a book that can build brain connections, boosts memory and focus, and may even prolong life.

Cleaning Your Home

Photo by Annushka Ahuja on Pexels.com

Tidying up your home can be very therapeutic. Some may clean their home daily or weekly. Getting rid of things you don’t use can really make a difference to your mental health. The stress hormone cortisol was shown to be higher in persons who had a cluttered environment. You can find yourself in a state of nirvana if you spend an hour cleaning your space.

Drinking More Water

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Staying hydrated is very important to our health since our body is made up of 60% water. This is one of the most basic strategies to look after your body. While staying hydrated is vital for our physical health, it can also help you lose weight, lessen headaches, and improve your complexion.

Practicing Yoga

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Yoga strengthens, balances, and stretches the body. Slow movements and deep breathing help to warm up muscles and boost blood flow, while holding a pose can help you gain strength. I have found many YouTube videos of yoga and have found that it is very relaxing and soothing especially with my mental health. Yoga is very low impact and some have found that it can contribute to weight loss.

Final Thoughts

While self-care is often associated with overindulging and splurging, it is not a luxury reserved for people with more cash. It is an important element of our physical, mental, and emotional health that does not cost a lot of money. There are ways to exercise self-care without breaking the bank, no matter what your budget allows. Not only will these budget-friendly self-care techniques make you feel better emotionally, but you’ll also feel good about making financial decisions.

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