The positives of being a Single Mom

What are the benefits of being a single mom?

  • You can do what you want as a single mom. Especially if you are a solo parent, you don’t have to negotiate much at all.
  • You can date! 
  • You can have a great perception of life that you will model for your child. You’ve gone through it. You know that all those ‘perfect’ families are secretly quirky at best, probably disintegrating, and your friends all confide in you their messed-up marriages, dysfunctional sex lives and all the other perfectly normally messy human foibles.

Become a single mom

Maybe you are going through a divorce, got pregnant during a casual relationship, are considering becoming a single mom by choice. by adoption or fostering, or any of the other countless scenarios you can find yourself a single mom.

The thought can be terrifying. After all that responsibility of caring for entire human being besides yourself is quite overwhelming.

Single motherhood can also be exhilarting at best. The joy of seeing a smile on your child’s face at the end of the day no matter what we go through to get there makes the whole day worth it.

A few reasons single motherhood is awesome:

When the kids are asleep that’s “me” time to do the things we didn’t do through the day but in reality we are just sitting on the couch watching some Lifetime movie and catching up on our favorite show and drinking wine to relax. With that being said that may seem like we are doing nothing but in essence we are just rejuveanting ourselves for the next day and that time by ourselves is well needed.

We can take some me time. A recent research study showed that married women gained more weight then single women. In my case that wasn’t the conclusion for me. Since the pandemic since I work an office job that consist of me sitting at a computer 90% of the time at home, not alot of exercise is being done. I have found that I’m taking more care of myself since then. Scheduling days for walking and strenght training workouts. Also, cooking more healthier meals for my family.

Being more motivated and successful. By spending this time going back to school and finishing my degree in Healthcare Administration, it is giving me motivation to go after the goals I had set for myself so that I can take better care of my family and getting our first home (hopefully this year). Being a single mom I found that I have more time to do more that is steered towards my education and moving up on that ladder.

Yes, single moms are physically, emotionally worn out – because some would say that we are Supermoms, which in essence we are because we wear a lot of hats even with no recognized from others but our children and that’s enough for me.

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